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Hello fellow SonAmy shippers! I'm Natashi Chan, and I host this pink shrine dedicated to the love of Amy Rose and Sonic Hedgehog. ^_^ All SonAmy shippers know the true love between Amy and Sonic. This is an anti-Sally/Archie/SatAM/SU/etc shrine. PURE Sega Sonic only! So explore, drop me an e-mail, eat a cookie and be sure to leave a post in the g*book so I know you were here! :3


4*13*04, 10:00 p.m AGH. I'm SO sorry everyone. Remember when I said I found a new host, and blah blah? Read below. ~_~ They DELETED my account and EVERYthing. I have no idea why. And I was almost done!! GRR. -_- Now I have to start all over.. but I HAVE found a new and WAY better host, a Sonic host! *glee* I hope you all can forgive me for taking so long.. I AM here. If anyone has any questions, comments.. anything. Please contact me on AIM: Natashu Chan. And PLEASE..
DO NOT SEND ANY QUESTIONS/LINKS/FAN-FICS/PROFILES! I have been getting a number of them.. and I have to repeat myself over and over that I can NOT take them until I am completely done with the moving of my site. I also have to make a Amy Rose/SonAmy fanlisting, new fanart section, and many more. If you have any ideas, feel free to e-mail me! One more thing.. if you have a deviantart account, please join my SonAmy club! By the way, do any of you know where I can get a better visitor counter? The one I have keeps slowing the page down or won't show up at all..

2*10*04, 12:10 p.m Okay. I -am- moving my site. ^_^ I have the new layout up and everything.. so maybe this month or next month it'll be done! I'm working -extremely- hard on this. Too bad they don't allow image galleries. >_>; Ah well. **Please do NOT submit your links/profiles/fanfics/questions right now!!! ** I have too many right now. x__x;; There's going to be new things also on my site [ hopefully ] an Amy Rose and SonAmy Fanlisting, mail listing thingy, easier way to submit your furry profile/links/questions, um... if you have any ideas of what you'd like to see, submit 'em to me! ^_^ Thank you all and wish me luck!! <33

1*26*04, 11:50 p.m Oi.. I should kick myself for not tellin' you guys why I haven't been updating. ;-; Well, as you know.. I REALLY need to move my site. These blasted pop-ups and ads on my site have really made it slow and looking icky. ;__; I hate it so bad! *cry* That's why I'm now going to TRY to move to, they have better benefits than >_>; I -do- have a pretty layout in mind! And I hope I can get it together in the next couple months.. if you've been reading my livejournal, you'd know what's going on. =P Please hold off the links and questions! I do get them and save them, but I can't put them up right now. x.x ::sighs:: I have so much to do.. I hope I'll be able to do it all. x_X; Bye everyone.

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