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Why Amy Rose? Here's the answers to all of those people who wanted to know why I made this website to Amy! ^^

Why Amy?

Amy Rose Hedgehog is a pink hedgehog with a love for Sonic Hedgehog. Amy Rose is not looked at very well in the comics or games.. usually people look at her for a "annoying" girl who follows Sonic everywhere he goes. Which in fact is NOT true. Yes, indeed she loves Sonic with all her heart ..but she's also willing to help him in every way. Amy has been discriminated because of the way people have talked and spread rumors about her. When I came around on AOL in 1998 I saw that no one liked Amy.."She's so annoying" blah blah. >/ After I studied her and everything I found out alot of things people have mistaken her for. But, why I like Amy is that she has a loving heart for someone she truthly love ( hence her Theme song is for Sonic ), knows right from wrong, and cares for every living creature. ( take the flicky bird for example ) and she's learning to be more independant! She has a kawaii outfit, red and pink usually go together..don't you think? ^-^ Her voice fits her great and she's just too cool!

Other reasons..

1. Me and her have alot in common. Of course we do! We're both girls, and we're both almost the same age! ^^ Her b/day is November 19th and mine is August 6th. Hmmm. Ever since I was a little kid everyone tells me I'm cute as heck! I still have people telling me I'm the cutest thing..even tho I'm 15 years old! I'm used to it tho. hehe. We both have a huge passion for Sonic! ^_^ Yep yep, we sure do. I even have old drawings of Sonic when I was like..3! @_@; Me and Amy have a huge love for cute things!! I sure do! We both are caring and loving ( as people say I am XP! )..and yes, I tend to get stubborn and slightly whiney when people leave me behind on certain things...I know how Amy feels. :/ Amy always seems to get on everyone's good E-102 and Shadow for example. o_o They were both evil till Amy talked to them and they listened..and took her advice! ^^; I'm good at that too!

2. Not many people support her. Yeah!! >/ We need MORE Amy Rose fans and not Sally Acorn (archie) fans! I created this site in 1999 for people to look at Amy a different way and see that she's not an annoying girl who follows Sonic! =\

3. Her character design is cute. Of course it is! ^^ She's had 2 styles/ Sonic CD she looked like Sonic but pink with bangs; wearing a red ribbon, orange skirt, green shirt and purple sneakers. ^_^;; Now her quills point downward..kinda like an echidna! She wears a red headband, matching red & white dress and boots..addition she wears bracelets too. ^^ I think her attire is very cute looking..even tho I'm slighlty tomboyish..and I hate dresses. ^_~ Her attire fits her extremely cute personality. I couldn't really picture her wearing something like Rouge..Rouge's outfit is meant to be sexy along with her personality. XP Don't you agree?

4. Her and Sonic go together VERY well! SonAmy shippers know this! Thanks to Icy to make the "SonAmy shipping"! ::Hug!:: n_n; I wonder what happened to her.. :/ hm. Anyways. Amy is a hedgehog, Sonic is a hedgehog. They go together. >/! They make such a kawaii couple.. n.n Amy loves Sonic, but Sonic tried not to show it! Sorry Sonic/Sally shippers..Sonic and Sally is a BIGGG no no. Teehee..well. I'll have to rant about that later. ^.~

5. She has a heart and she's independant. Amy has the biggest heart out of everyone! :/ She loves everything.. ('cept Eggman!) Who would save a bird, find it's family and keep it from a robot? Who'd do all that for a little bird? ^^ Amy would! Amy also has the biggest heart for Sonic! Everyone knows that..! And I don't think Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles would talk to a robot to become good..instead they'd prolly destroy it! >P Amy is trying to become more independant ( she said it herself, nyah! ) ..she can't help it if she gets captured! :\ Eggman's robot's overpower her..and she can't help it. >/ But she's learning quickly how to defend herself. n_n