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Yes! Special thanks to everyone who's supported me and my website! ::clinglove!:: ^___^ Here's a section for them!

But first..
A BIG thanks to SONIC TEAM, SEGA, AND THE CREATORS!!! ^__^ I don't know where I would be if they weren't around to create Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and AMY! ::lovelove:: Your the coolest!

Funky Chickens is the first HTML help site that really helped me! ^^;; Thanks!

Huge thanks to Lissa's Explains it All HTML help site.. it really improved my HTML skills! ::squeeze!:: n__n

On with the special thanks..
Josh is the first! He helped me alot with the HTML and everything! ^_^ You rock!

Also! Can't forget my buddy Dustin! He helped me with the HTML and helped me work with the profiles because I had so many to do! ::clinglove:: Your the best! ^.^

Tachu, Nukki, Kaichu, Karin, Crimmy, Mike, and Dustin ( again. ^^; )who always supported me, made me gifts, watching out for people who would steal my stuff, and kicking peoples asses when they were mean to me! XP Overall being great friends. ::Hugz!:: I love you all!

John Weeks for making those kick ass midis for everyone to use. n_n;

My real life friends Waylon and Vickie who really supported me with my art and helped me to keep doing what I'm doing. Their advice n' such really helped me when I was really depressed. ^^; I love ya!! ::huggles!::

My "fans"! ^.~ Katie, Abbi, Tayan, Toni, and Henni, Who'd help me out, link my site, and tell people about my site.. your too cool. n.n;

Jon, Heza, Naty, Alexis, Tonia, Sean, Katzu, and Christina for being there as always for me. =D *squeeze*

Much thanks to the people who..

E-mailed me comments and stuff. ^^;
Submitted a profile or your link.
Submitted artwork or fanficcie.
Linked my site! n.n
Signed my guestbook! I love when you people do that. ^_^;;
And just came to my site for the heck of it!

No thanks to the people who..

Flamed me!
Direct linked my images without asking!
Stole things off my site!
Copied info from the character profiles and didn't give me credit!
Abusing the voting poll and my guestbook!
Telling what I should do with my site! It's *my* site! >/
Just being mean to me for no reason. e_e ..grrr.