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Have a character and you want to have him or her posted here?? Follow the rules!

1* Your character has to be related to Sonic the Hedgehog or at least furries. =P Half human/animal/hybrids I'll accept too.

2* NO Adult content or any sort of inappropiate material!! >_< Everything here iz rated PG 13!

3* You CAN NOT have a character who "related" to any of the Sonic characters.
Example: " I'm Sonic's/Tails's/Knuckles's/Amy's brother/sister/cousin/ etc..."

4* You * CAN NOT * have a char that you say, "But he looks like Sonic but is green/he looks like Tails but different kind's of shoes." And you can't have or copie anything offa someone's proffy! Etc!! >O I will not post any profiles like that!

5* There are only 7 Chaos Emeralds, repeat S-E-V-E-N. Official characters are the only ones who have possession over them. And the only person who can guard the MASTER EMERALD is Knuckles.

6* These profiles are SEGA related. *NOT* Archie, SU, SatAM. Etc.

7* You can NOT have a character who has a "relationship" with any of the Sonic characters.
Example: "My character is Tails' g/f, Amy's b/f, Knuckles' g/f. etc. But I will accept if your character LIKES any of the Sonic chars..

Step 1:
Read all of this first!

( Your full name )

( Any nicknames people call you, if none..then put NONE. )

( What you wear, COLORS of clothes and if you carry a sword, gun etc..)

( where you live and the planet )

( the species you are: Anthropomorphic hedgehog,
echidna, kitsune, fox, cat...etc...)

( if you don't know, keep the question marks. )
?'?' ( how tall you are )
?? lbs ( how much you weigh )
( color of yer fur/quills/dreadlocks )
( how many dreadlocks/quills )
( color of arms and muzzle and inside ears )
( color of eyes )
Anything else you wanna add

( Male/Female )

( Month/day/year )
( ?? years old )

Marital Status:
( Single/Taken )

( your hobbies )

( names of your abilities )

( your weaknesses )

( What you like )

( What you don't like )

( The name of your computer, if none..put none. )

( Your character's job )

Extra Items:
( Any other items you may use in battle/carry around. )

( Your personality )

Personal Quote:
( Make up a quote about you; freedom; love ..etc.. )
--( Your name )

Step 2: Highlight all of the info above, right click. click COPY, open up an e-mail and then right click there. Click PASTE. Then start filling out all of your info for your char. And my e-mail is ^^

Step 3: You MUST..
* Attach a picture of your character( 1 or 2 )..please no HUGEEE pics! I will NOT resize them.
* ( Optional ) Music/midi..attach it in the e-mail, please. No URLs anymore..and please don't tell me to go FIND it for you. I do NOT have the time. x.x;
* Pick a hex colour code!! You MUST add the #number in the e-mail. Or I'll just make your font for yer character white.
* Your choice. Black or white background..if you don't tell me I'll just make it black. :/
* Please TRY to spell everything's kinda hard to read if you write. "hi this iz my profile 4 u!" and stuff. x.x;; try to spell everything out and correct. It's harder for me to do that..and if you don't. This will make you profile take longer.

Thanks! =D ..