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Sonic the Hedgehog

White gloves.
White socks.
Red and white striped Light Speed buckled Sneakers.( SA1 )
Or red SOAP sneakers used for grinding. ( SA2 )
Gold buckle of each sneaker.
Sliver underside sneakers.

Where ever his feet carry him..

Navy Blue Anthropomorphic Hedgehog.

3'3" tall.
77 Lbs.
Navy blue fur and quills.
Eight large quills facing back and down.
Six quills on back of head.
Two quills on back.
Beige belly, arms and muzzle and inside ears.
Black nose.
Green eyes.


June 23, 1984.
18 years old.

Marital Status:

Showing off.
Hanging with Tails, Knuckles and the gang.
Making fun of Dr.Eggman.
Fighting for freedom.

Running at Sub-Sonic Speeds (Mach 1).
Running at Trans-Sonic Speeds (Mach 2).
Sonic Spin.
Triple S Attack.
Spin Dash.
Figure-8 Peel-Out.
Homing Attack.
Bounce Attack.
Magic Hand.
Light Attack.
Light Dash.
Jump Dash.
Ball Mode.
Able to transform into Super Sonic with Chaos Emeralds.
Able to transform into Hyper Sonic with Super Emeralds.

"Tornado"'s inflight systems.

Short temper.
Cannot swim very well.
Leaping before looking.

True Blue Hedgehog Hero.

Extra Items:
Brown back pack.
Bi-Plane, "Tornado".
Light blue snowboard.
Gold, red, white, and blue snow board.
Light Blue Crystal bracelet.
Magic Gloves.
Light Shoes.
Ancient Light.
Bounce Bracelet.
Flame Ring.
Mystic Melody.

Sonic loves freedom and justice.
He is strong-willed and single-minded,
but very loving and caring.
But he always has a sense for adventure.
His temper is a little short, but not as short as Knuckles Echidna.
He pretty much knows what to do in a tough situtation,
as instinct plays a large role in his dangerous life.
He's the hedgehog with an attitude, but with a shrong heart of gold.
He will never give up a fight!
He's the type that would leap before look in some certain situations,
which puts him in some problems, but it all comes good in the end.

Personal Quote:
"I'll never look back, I've got no regrets.
'Cause time doesn't wait for me, I choose to go my own way."
--Sonic the Hedgehog

"They call me Sonic. The 'hedgehog with an attitude', I don't slow down for anybody or anything. The past is the past; there's only one direction to run, and that's forward. Get hooked up on past regrets, and you'll miss out on opportunities of the present. And that's as bad as running backwards.

I have a pair of anti-gravity sneakers which let me zoom a few feet above the ground and leave a streaking blue blur in midair. I also wear a magic guitar-shaped medaillon which instantly transforms into my guitar upon my command.

I usually hang out on South Island with my pal Tails, and trying to avoid Amy Rose, but she isn't that bad once you get you know her. But my home is wherever my legs will carry me. I sometimes visit Knux on The Floating Island. Racing's not really my thing (there's no challenge at all when you're faster than everyone and everything else), but I am rather proud of my sleek red sports car, the Cyclone. Those serious stones they call the 'Chaos Emeralds' power me up into Super Sonic, and then Hyper Sonic. Ever heard of Mega Sonic? will..

Remember this: 'Don't just sit there and waste your precious time. When you want something done, do it right away. Do it when you can. It's the only way to live a life without regrets.' Long as the voice inside me says go, I will always keep on running. There's a horizon out there, and it's calling my name."