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Miles "Tails" Prower.

White gloves, blue lace with small, gold buckle
holding cuffs and hand pieces together.
Red and white sneakers.
White socks held to sneakers with lace and buckle like

South Island, Mobius.
And at Mystic Ruins to upgrade the Tornado II

Orange anthropomorphic, kitsune.

2'7' tall.
44 Lbs.
Golden-orange fur.
Snow white muzzle, belly, chest, inside ears
and tail tips.
Two, long twin tails.
Three long bangs over eyes.
Black nose.
Sky blue eyes.


November 14th, 1987
15 years old.

Marital Status:
Not a big concern...

Tinkering with anything mechanical.
Inventing new machines.
Snowboarding and racing with Sonic in the IceCap Zone
Being Sonic's best friend and sidekick.
Hanging with Sonic, Knuckles, Amy Rose and the gang.
Defending Mobius againest Dr.Eggman.

Can use tails to run, like a propeller.
Spin Dash.
Tails Attack.
Rapid Tails Attack.
-With The Tornado II Cyclone-
Volkan Cannon.
Volkan Cannon Fire.
Propeller Punch.
Lock-On Laser.
Lock-On Missile.

"Tornado II"'s inflight systems.

Afraid of thunder.
Not as strong as Sonic or Knuckles.

Adventurer with Sonic.

Extra Items:
Bi-Plane, "Tornado II".
Gold, red, white, and blue snow board.
Jet Anklet.
Rhythem badge.
Mystic Melody.
-Items for Tornado II Cyclone-
Laser Blaster

He's a little shy and conservative, very kind and serious about things.
He hates romantic mushy stuff and being called cute by girls,
and especially by Amy Rose.
He's much more smarter than any of his other friends.
Even though hes small and he knows he can't defend himself in a tough situation,
he can always count on Sonic, Knuckles or Amy Rose.
He trys to defend himself or someone when in a small situation,
but gets frustrated when Sonic or someone else takes the 'spotlight' and rescues the day.
He used to get picked on because of his two tails.
But after he met Sonic and started to follow him,
he got courage and a positive attitude towards life.
He's definently a real good friend to have, and he'll never let you down!

Personal Quote:
"I wanna fly high so I can reachest the highest of the heavens.
Somebody will be waiting for me,
so I have gotta fly higher!"
--Miles "Tails" Prower

"Hi there! My name is Miles Prower, I hate my real name "Miles"..its sounds like a joke if you think about it. Miles Per Hour? When I met Sonic I told him about this and he gave me the name Tails! I guess it's because I have two of looks funny, but I can actually fly by whirling them together! I've been hanging around Sonic most of my life. He's so cool and fast, and I always thought I wanted to be just like him. But if I keep following him, I will never see the light. I've gotta be myself and get a hold of my life...

I really like tinkering with machines and stuff, and my favorite thing is working on the bi-plane I built. I call her the Tornado, and I'm always working on enhancing her abilities. See those rocket-boosters on the side? I attached those things after lasers from Robotnik's Wing Fortress knocked her out of the sky. I also have a neat race buggy I call the Whirlwind S7, but the Tornado 2 is my passion.

Sonic's a great friend and all, but it's time for me to step out from his shadow and do my own thing. I've got my own way, my own style. I've gotta believe in myself, this is the only start for me!"