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Knuckles Echidna.

White mittens
Red, goldenrod striped sneakers with metal slab centered
Sliver underside
Green socks.

Angel Island.

Red Anthropomorphic Echidna.

3'7" tall.
88 Lbs.
Red fur and dreadlocks.
Seven, elbow length dreadlocks.
Guardian's white, cresent mark on chest.
Twin pair of knucklaws both knuckles.
Beige muzzle.
Black nose.
Violet eyes.


February 2, 1984.
17 years old.

Marital Status:
I've no time for it right now.

Enjoying the Island's peace.
Eating grapes and other fruits.
Guarding the Master Emerald.
Hanging with Sonic, Tails and the gang.
Working out.

Digging with Shovel claws.
Wall climbing.
Gliding from one place to another,
and can grab wall while gliding.
Punching anything.
Dash Glide.
Spin Dash.
Punch Combo.
Spiral Uppercut.
Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack.
Thunder Arrow Attack.
Drill Punch.
Able to track, sense and control the
Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds.

No need.

Bright lights.
Easily tricked into lies.
Short temper.

Extra Items:
Shovel Claw.
Hammer Gloves.
Air Necklaces.
Mystic Melody.

Guardian of the Master Emerald
and Angel Island.

He is a descendant of the ancient battle race who have
guarded the Master Emerald on "Angel Island" for
Because of this he is honest,
single-minded and very serious about his mission.
He is easily tricked by others.

Personal Quote:
"Born on an island in the heavens, the blood of my
ancestors flows inside me.
My duty is to guard the Master Emerald."
--Knuckles Echidna

My name's Knuckles Echidna. Unlike that fool Sonic, I have a purpose in life. Since birth, it's been my duty to guard the Master Emerald, the most powerful force in this universe. I owe it to my ancestors to defend it and the island until the moment of my death. No one shall defeat me.

I've lived my entire life on the Floating Island, and I know my way around pretty well. Ruins from the lost civilization dot every corner of the island. The only standing legacy of my ancestors. I'm the last living member of that civilization, and it's henceforth my duty to keep its purpose alive. NO one shall get off with the Master Emerald while I'm around, simple as that. I'll break 'em down whether they're solid or frail.

I prefer working alone, but I harbor alot of trust in my friends Mighty, Espio, Vector, and Charmy. Business always comes first, but I know how to relax. I keep a race jeep around just for kicks...I call it the Tempest. But when all's said and done, fun is a luxury for which I have little time. I've got a purpose in this life, leave fooling around to the fools."