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Amy Rose Hedgehog

Rosy Rascal
Pink Nightmare
Amira Bara
Emi Rozu

White gloves
Gold bracelets on wrists
Red boots with a white
line going up and down.
White socks.
Black underside and heels
Wears a red headband to hold quills back
Red Warrior Feather clipped to left side of headband.
Wears a red sleeve-less dress.
With white around collar and at the bottom.

Little Planet

Station Square Apartment - Mobius

Pink Anthropomorphic Hedgehog

39 lbs
Pink fur and quills
7 quills shoulder length
3 quills on each side of her head.
3 Bangs in front of face
Light tan arms and muzzle and inside ears.
A cute button black nose.
Two long eyelashes on eyes
Emerald green eyes


November 19,1987
15 years old

Marital Status:
Sonic is mine!

Following Sonic
Chasing Sonic
Going on adventures with Sonic And Tails.
Shopping at the Station Square mall! Outta my way!
Smashing evil-doers with my mallet.
Singing "My Sweet Passion" Sweet sweet yer so sweet..^^
Driving my two convertibles...vroooom vrooooom!
Saving cute and cuddly birdies.
Being adorable of course.
Enjoying life as much as I can!!

Piko Piko Hammer Attack
Hammer Spin Attack
Hammer Jump Catapult
Hammer Jump Attack
Long Hammer Attack
Hammer Dive
Hammer Jumper
Hammer Attack
Hammer Whirl
Storming Heart
Spin Hammer Dash
Amy Flash
Giant Step
Sliding Attack
Predicting the future for 'Little Planet" with Tarot
Able to drive convertibles and hovercraft

A few battle ablities
Not very fast..

Cute things.
Shopping at the mall.
Cute furry animals
Sonikku-sama. ^_^
Candy, icecream, cake.. *-* Sonic again.
Jewels, so purday.
Kirbys ^_^;
Flickies and chao!
Friends n' stuff.
Sonic da Hedgie!
My kewl mallets.
Sonic, Sonic and more Sonic!
My kawaii convertibles.
Cutie Sonikku!
I luv huggles!! Gimmie hugs!
And did I mention Sonic!? o.o

Evil/mean peoplez >o
Bugs!! O.o; Ack!
Being called a brat or baby!!
Water...cold! Brr! *sniver* x.x
When people think I can't do something right! *cry* ><

A pink laptop with a picture of Sonikku in the corner.

A freakishly adoreable, cutie, pinkie, hedgie, goddess full of sugary kawaiiness!

Extra Items:
Red and yellow Piko Piko Hammer.
Red Warrior Feather
Blue and Green Long Hammer.
Box of Tarot Cards
Hammer Emblem
Red and Blue convertibles.
3 small birdie friends.
My collection of Sonic stuff!

A young girl with a crush on Sonic and a kawaii
outward attitude, but with a developed heart and a
quick mind. Is very high sprirted and cheerful.
She is very cute and is very sweet and kind.
But very deadly if you annoy her.
She has a giant mallet and shes know how to use it!
But she gets angry when anyone hurts or makes fun of her or any of her friends
You better be prepared to face the wrath of the pink hedgehog!
But be nice to her and she'll do the same.
Also! If something she has done to hurt or make any of
her friends mad she will instantly apologize to them.
She can not bare any guilt between her and her friends.
She hates to be by her-self when her all her friends get together.
She loves huggles when shes down on her-self or anytime!
Is a sillie lil' kawaii girl and cares alot for her friends and will defend them anytime in need.

Personal Quote:
"I'll always be there for you
best in worst times, you can be my
sweetest honey for all eternity."
--Amy Rose Hedgehog

"Hi! I'm Amy Rose, girl hedgehog extraordinaire! The problem with these boys is that they take everything too seriously. What good is going through life if you're not going to enjoy it?! Men...

I may not be very strong, but that won't stop me from running with the pack. I can predict the future of the Little Planet by reading my Tarot Cards, and I don't keep my red n' yellow giant mallet around just to look pretty! (I'm pretty enough on my own, don't you agree?) I have two cute little convertibles...a blue one I call the Breeze, and a red one that can actually hover over the water! When I can't accomplish something with one of my various accessories, my femininity should do the trick, right? *wink*

All I really want from life is to enjoy the trip. And Sonic. Wow, he is sooo dreamy! I hope one day he'll come to his senses and notice that I really like him! ( And maybe he'll like me too! ) And back off girls, 'cause I saw him first! I'm not simple-minded, I just want to be a wonderful girl!"