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I have too many to do and I don't need more..I will let you know when to send in yer requests again!

..But I'll accept exchanges. =P

1) *YOU MUST BE PATIENT*. Thats the #1 rule! >< If you ask me if I'm done repeatedly..I'll get annoyed and stop it. Or prolly not start it at all. e_e I will get to it! Keep that in mind ;.; It might take a while..but you have ta remember: There are 64873648305 million people in the world who might want me tu draw sumthin! So it takes time! x_x And have high school'll have homework n' rule..

2) Try tu be very specific o_o; Cuz the less specific yuu are, the worse the pic will be turn out! Remember tu tell me the colors of eberything tuu! o.o!

3) Any text ya want? n.n? Want da char tu say sumthin? o.o Say so.. =B

4) Do you want da charriez in a specific pose? Be specific =\

5) Do *NOT* ask me to make any adult art! Sick! >O I won't even bother replying ta ya u_u; I only do PG 13 artwork. :/ ..

6) Do you have a reference of who you want me to draw? o.o Like..if you already have a pic of yer char, attach that with yer request. That's a BIG helper for me. ^^;

7) Do NOT edit my art in ANY way! >\ Or use it without my permission for anything! That's a no no! If I find out you stole, copied, used or edited my art with out me saying so; I will track and hunt you down .. u_u I'll sue yer ass.

8) Last but not least, just e-mail meeh yer reqwest! =D Oh! Can ya title the subject "Piccy Request?" ^-^ I gotta save the e-mayls ya'know! >b