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Step 1: Well..first of all you must scan your picture! ^^ It must be in lineart (a picture that is only outlined in ink) tho. o_o;;

Step 2: Save you image as a .jpg, .gif ..or whatever else you saved it as. >=P Now, open yer piccy up in PSP. o.o

Step 3: Depending on the file type of your piccy when it's opened up on PSP, you may have 2 colors to 16 million colours in your pallete, if you don't have 16 million, go to Colors~Increase Color Depth~16 Million Colors(24 bit). But..skip this if you've already got 16 million colors. =D

Step 4:Done with that? Good! :P Now, go to Layers~Duplicate. But to be on the safe side, you see that red and light blue connected box icon at the up? Click that and another box ( Layers Palette ) should pop up. Then drag the 'background' layer(make sure your bg color is set to white) to the trash can should leave you with "Copy of background" ..right? o_o good!

Step 5: Okie. on the paper(s) icon on the Layers Palette. It's next to the Trash can icon. A pop up thingy ( Layer 1 ) should come up and you see the drop-down menu that says "Blend Mode: Normal." now set the 'normal' to 'multiply.'

Okie. now your ready to start coloring!