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Yup yup! ^^; I had my own lil adventure!
You can also follow along as you 'play' as me on the Dreamcast game; Sonic Adventure!
A little walkthrough and adventure I might say.. Anyways!
This is my Sonic Adventure!


My adventure began in where I live--a city called Station Square! Anyway.. I was just minding my business, doing what I usually do, walking down the sunny streets of the afternoon, and a little bit of grocery shopping, when I stopped for a second. It was oh sooo totally boring around the Station, same old thing everyday! I was bored to tears! Yeah, same place, different day. I was missing the good old days... hangin' out with my hero, Sonic..*dreamy sigh* Chasin' after bad guys..and blowing them away! Ha-hah! But that time, he was gone..and there was nothing left to do! But shop 'til I drop...there was always something to do with Sonic around..I really missed him..*sniffle* So I closed my eyes, thinking about him..Then suddenly a shadow covered Station Square! Was it an eclipse or what?? No one forecasted a storm or anything! *gasp* My grocery bags fell... Then I realized.. I turned around and looked above. It was Eggman's Egg Carrier! Could it be? It was! Just then, a small, birdie crashed into my face, and it knocked me down! Hey watch it buddy, that hurt! Then I saw that it was hurt, too! I stood up and held him in my hands. It was a light blue Flicky birdie that escaped Eggman's Egg Carrier! I picked it up, and cuddled it.

Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a big old robot almost ran me over! Yiipe! I quickly hopped out of his way, knowing that trouble was gonna follow along. Then the creep started to chase me! But what I didn't know it was really after the Chaos emerald around the birdie's neck.I decided to hide in the Station Square Burger Shop. And so I did, talking to the Flicky birdie. It ended up that we couldn't do this all alone... so we were gonna need a bodyguard!

After I chatted a little and promised the birdie that I'd stick by him all the way, I headed to the Station Square hotel, wondering what I should do next. It was odd. I was being chased by a big old green sentry robot, and I had no idea what to do.. So I went through the double doors that lead to the casino part of town. Good thing I know my way around the Station Square! Then the best thing on Mobius happened! My luck! I found that dreamy blue hunk of a hedgehog, Sonic, just walking down the street! Ohh, how dreamy he is!! I ran to him and said hi, long time no see! Ain't he adorable?! Then he just freaked out. I wondered what was wrong with him, but I told him about the birdie I was holding in my hands. I told him that it escaped Eggman's Egg Carrier, and that he would be the perfect bodyguard for the birdie!! You see, this little birdie was in trouble! So I think Sonic'd should be his bodyguard for awhile! Sonic stepped back even more. Oh well! Didn't matter! We coulda just tagged along anyway! He didn't want anything to do with me, and he seemed a bit nervous, so he ran off! Ooooh!!! He knows that I can't run as fast as him! ;.; Pouting, I decided to go back through the hotel, and catch up to him.

I went back through the hotel to reach the seaside drive near Emerald Coast. Then I saw Sonic, who was standing near the Twinkle Park! Yay!! ^_^ I ran side by side to him, ranting at him for leaving me like that! Then I turned around. Aaah! Eggman's robot was on the loose! Geez! Does that robot have to follow me around everywhere?! Sonic said that he could take care of it, as he was a chunk of cheesy hardware, but I wasn't paying attention. I saw something really neat! There was a little message on the computer right in front of Twinkle Park's elevator and guess what it said? It said that 'Cute Couples could get in Free!' Of course Sonikku and I had to go!! I clasped my hands over my body and shrieked. Sonic wondered what was wrong with me and then realized what it was. I ran inside, motioning him to come along and Sonic reluctantly, groaning, came in after me. Then I ended up in my first adventure area, Twinkle Park. Lotsa hammer whacking here, yep! ..What?! Zero's still chasing me!? Well, if that robot's gonna be closing in on me, I won't let him catch me or the birdie, no matter what! I grabbed a big yellow desinged balloon and whee! I was free!

When I finally got away from Zero, tired, I walked out of Twinkle Park. I was in a small room with one the door I just came from and the other to the Twinkle Circuit. I just walked down the small hall until I reached the door to outside. That lead me down the elevator back to the street. I took the small birdie into my hands, cuddling it, and walked down the street. I was glad that we got away from the mean robot and that we lost him. But where was Sonic? He must've gotten lost too! I stopped, wondering where he could be... I felt that something was follwing me. Then, a large, dark, shadow loomed over me. It was Zero! I tried to run away, almost ready to cry, but he grabbed me and took me into Station Square's train station. I screamed and kicked, yelling for him to put me down! When he went through the train tracks towards the Mystic Ruins, I saw Sonic down far below! I tried to scream as loud as I could to get him to hear me, but I guess the glass blocked my voice. I saw Sonic looking up! But, I took one last breath, then I fainted. Startled from a massive movement, I suddenly woke up, and Zero was carrying me through the Mystic Ruins! I shouted an kicked at him to let me and Birdie go, or else! Yes!! Then there was my one and only Sonic!! He came to save me!! But I was'nt too thrilled, as I was being waved in the air by a big ol' robot. He sped up to Zero and told the robot to hand me over to him, or else he'll be turned into scrap metal! That's when the Egg Carrier appeared, out of nowhere, and Eggman was talking! He beamed Zero, Birdie and I up into the Egg Carrier! Zero just dumped me into a cell, as he had finished his job, and left the room. I found myself locked in a cell aboard Dr. Eggman's Egg Carrier...

I was glad that I still had the birdie with me, safe and sound. I sat on the floor, putting him in front of me. I rubbed his head, hoping that he would calm down. Then, a weird robot labeled E-102 entered the room, walked over to where I was and told me to hand him the birdie. I put the birdie behind me and firmly said nope! The robot asked again. I shook my head and said I'd never hand it over. Then he asked why I wouldn't hand it over. Well, it was none of his business! Then I asked him myself, why do you want the birdie anyway? He didn't even know! Then I felt pity for him. Eggman didn't give him any feelings, and if love was not part of his programming, he was missing something good! Then Flicky flew out of the cell! Oh no, wait, come back! When Mr. Robot saw the birdie up close, he made some weird robot noises and suddenly opened the cell's door. He told me that it was dangerous here and that I shouldn't be here. He said that Eggman's base would be in the Mystic Ruins soon. Surprised and startled, I guessed that he did have feelings after all! So, I spoke to him, getting hold of the birdie again, telling him that we could be friends the next time we met, okay? Then I ran out of the exit with the birdie.

I was in a weird game room and then I heard Eggman over the intercom gloating over his high score on the Hedgehog Hammer game. I cocked a brow and saw what he was talking about. Then I jumped in into the center of the room just below the high score's screen to start my mini-game, Hedgehog Hammer. I had to knock down some blue or yellow Sonic dollies, but watch out for Eggman or I'd lose 200 points!! Whee! I beat Dr. Eggman's high score! Then he got upset. Suddenly a bright light that I have seen before in other places appeared. She gave me the Warrior's Feather! It fitted right on the left side of my head, attaching to my headband. That made me able to do my Spin Hammer Attack! Yea! Then the door on the other side of the room was open. I used my new cool attack. Fun! ..Eh, then wha d'ya know? I ended up dizzy...

I was in the central inner room of the Egg Carrier. I looked around. I was standing in front of three doors. I used my trusty red and yellow Piko-Piko Hammer to open the middle door by hitting the button on the ground in front of it. That took me to my second action area, Hot Shelter. Whoa! This place was huge and scary! It was kinda hard finding my way out, and seeing all those mechanincal stuff scared me. But, Zero was still after me! I had to do lotsa stuff and turns lotsa handles! I finally found that yellow balloon and grabbed onto it! Whoo! So much for action! It started to lift me out of the steamy Hot Shelter. Yay!

As the ballon lifted me up and out of the Hot Shelter, that same bright light that gave me my helpful Warrior Feather came in my face. I gasped as it blinded me and took me into a weird village. Scared and helpless I turned around and went through the tunnel behind me. There I found the Master Emerald and Tikal! I slowly walked further downwards to them...I saw Tikal who was talking with some Chao! They were soooo adorable! I was just about to go over to them all, then, some watery thingy started to come out of the water... everything flashed a bright light..then my imagination just that. I found myself back aboard the Egg Carrier in the pool room. I headed through the door back onto the deck. I ended up in front of Eggman! He wanted the birdie! Oh no! I held the birdie close to my body as I turned my head to see that Sonic and Tails were there too!! I knew I heard familiar voices! It was them! Boy, was I glad to see 'em!! I knew that Sonic would come to save me! I just knew it! He's my hero! Suddenly, Eggman grabbed Flicky and took the Chaos Emerald from around his neck??! Noo...! Wait! Birdie had a Chaos Emerald with him?! So that's why that robot was chasing me and the birdie! Then Eggman made Mr. Robot fight Sonic! He said he had better things to do! If Mr. Robot didn't win, Eggman would do something bad to him. Yet, I knew that Sonic was gonna destroy Mr. Robot..and at the same time, if it was the other way around....Sonic!! Oh nooooo!! I had to save them both!

After Sonic totally damaged Mr. Robot, and Sonic was a bit hurt and bruised, I ran in front of him. I stood in front of the robot, my arms spread out, merely crying. I explained how Mr. Robot rescued me from my prison cell. Sonic straightned up from his fighting position. He sighed and said that he'll let the nice Mr. Robot go. Then something awful happened! The Egg Carrier started to lose altitude, as Tails had said. It was shaking an awful lot until Sonic told Tails to airlift me back to Station Square. But what about Sonic? Is he going to be allright? Oh, I hope he's going to be okay! I asked him, and he said he'll be okay, he's just gonna put Eggman outta comission! I nodded and turned to Mr. Robot. I told him that he shouldn't work for Eggman, 'cause he's a bad man. He should be free, and go out on his own. He asked me why I was helping him, and I told him that we'd be friends next time wet met, remember? So I was returning his favor! Then Tails suddenly called out to me, saying that we had to go. So I waved to Mr. Robot and Tails grabbed my wrist and he flew me out of the Egg Carrier with the birdie. Be safe, Sonikku...

Back at Station Square, Tails & I met with each other again. I waved byebye to Tails and then I turned to birdie. It seemed that Sonic was always saving me...I should be more independant! I took birdie in my hands once again, walking down the street to the S.S. Train Station. I told him that I was awfully surprised that he had a Chaos Emerald with him! I cuddled the birdie again. Then I saw something around his neck. It was a pendant with a picture of his family inside! A white birdie, and a pink one and himself! Wow! I betcha that bad ol' Eggman had them captive, huh? Well..Mr. Robot did say that they were gonna be arriving at the Mystic Ruins soon. So wha d'ya say we go? Birdie chriped and I nodded. So, I headed off to the Station Square's train station, off to the Mystic Ruins.

I arrived at Mystic Ruins. I looked around to see if the were any signs of Eggman. I shrugged and decided to go to the rainforest of the Mystic Ruins. He just might be there. It was late at night, but nothing was gonna stop me! I rode the mine cart-which was pretty neat- that was next to the lake to the Mystic Ruins rain forest. The rainforest was a pretty big place..and especially if it was so dark at night, it took me awhile to get through. Then a couple of bright lights caught my eye! There! I ran towards the area and saw something that wasn't there before..It was a bridge with Eggman's symbol on it.. Hey! This must've been Eggman's base like Mr. Robot said! Once I was inside, I went to a door with six lights around it. It was closed..?... What do I do? I got all six lights to turn on and the door opened leading me to the one and only Final Egg! Now, I'm gonna find birdie's parents! Eggman, here I come!

AAH!! Zero's still on my tail! What does he want now! I'd better escape him! After I escaped Zero and the mecchy Final Egg, I was a little worried that Zero was still chasing me. Oh darn it! Maybe birdie's parents are on the Egg Carrier?? Could be..well, let's go and check it out! I left the Egg Carrier's base and headed back to the main part of Mystic Ruins where the Mystic Ruins train station is. But instead of getting on the train, I took the boat that was under it. I jumped onto the boat. It took me to the Egg Carrier which was now permanently crashed into the ocean. Is Sonic in there...? I hope not..he could be hurt...

Once I was aboard the Egg Carrier, birdie flew off and he tried to find his parents. Ohh! There they were! The three were flying, but before birdie could get back to me, he was targeted and hit by Zero! Birdie fell to the floor and I ran to him. Birdie was hurt bad, and now I was frustrated and angry. Zero, you idiot!! How could you do this?!?! I finally had enough of this troublesome badnik. So I decided to take him down and show him what it means for hurting mai birdie friend. I whipped out my green and blue Long Hammer and whacked Zero way up into the air to show him what it's really like! And don't ya see? He came right back down, still approaching! Grr! Who says a girl can't do things like this?? Huh! I narrowed my eyes and got into a fighting positon. I Hammer Spinned him, Hammer Jumped him and just simply whacked him! Furiously, I repeatedly whacked Zero until he got knocked into some electirfied fence. He started to malfunction and he lost his top. I was smacked the blue button in his head which hurt him. So that's his weak spot! I did it again and again until he exploded with robot pieces falling all over. Am I great or what? See, I can do this! *wink*

Once the nasty robot was destroyed, I ran to my downed bird friend, sad and worried. Birdie tried to fly, but then he fell. I stepped foward a little... Luckily he was able to recover! Then he and his family happily fly away. I waved and got a tear in my eye. Then I smiled and felt proud of myself, thinking that I actually did something to save someone and make him happy!! And on my own! Why, I was happy too! Then I walked towards the way out of the Egg Carrier. I know! I'm gonna try my best too, just like the birdie! I'm gonna make that Sonic respect me! And by that time it'll be toooo late! *hops up and twirls on one foot, blowing a kiss; mwah!*