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Music! *-* I love music..I'm sure you do too! So listen tu 'em and ya must have a Realplayer tuu!! ::shake!! >_o;; If you don't have can get one here o.o;...well..go ahead! More comin' soon! ^_^!
** You can NOT direct link the music because tripod won't let you. **


Opening *Open Your Heart*
Amy's Mini Game *Hedgehog Hammer*
Twinkle Park *Twinkle Cart*
Twinkle Park *Pleasure Castle*
Twinkle Park *Fakery Way*
Emerald Coast *Azure Blue World*
Windy Valley *Windy Hill*
Windy Valley *Tornado*
Windy Valley *The Air*
Icecap *Snowboard*
Icecap *Remix*

Character Themes

*Open Your Heart*
*It Doesn't Matter* Theme of Sonic the Hedgehog
*Believe in Myself* Theme of Miles "Tails" Prower
*Unknown From M.E.* Theme of Knuckles Echidna
*My Sweet Passion* Theme of Amy Rose Hedgehog
*Lazy Days ~Livin' in Paradise~* Theme of Big the Cat
Theme of E-102

Real Audio

Tikal Echidna