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Hiyaz! Gimmie yer site too! If ya want yer site on posted to mine I have to see that my link or banner is on yer site! So nyah! :P And then you gimmie yer banner or URL and I'll be happy to post yer banner or link up! ^_~
E-mail me at ! RULES!

Okies, these are the rules!
If you don't follow 'em I won't post yer website on mine! Read it!

1) It has to be related to Amy Rose, Sonic the Hedgehog or at least furries. =P

2)Okay, I'll allow it if your site is really kawaii!! ^-^; Or if I like it =P

3) NO Adult content or any sort of inapproperiate material!! >_<

4)You must have a link to this site! =B It's only fair. ^_^;;

5) I need you to e-mail me the URL and the title of your site. ^^

Now...thats only 5 rules you have to follow! Isn't that reasonable and easy?! ^-^ LoL!