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Hiya, and welcome to my history section! ^^; This is where you can find out my background!

"15 years ago, on Little Planet, a adorable little pink anthromorphic hedgehog was born.
Guess whooooo? Yeap, meeh ^^ Moi name is Amy Rose Hedgehog. I was born with a special gift. My gift was reading Tarot Cards. I kept my Tarot Cards in a box I was givin' when I was little. The Tarot Cards were for prediting Little Planet's future. But what is Little Planet, you ask? It isn't that hard the figure out. It's a tiny planet that revolves around Mobius, so it's kinda like a moon :P But a planet!'s the bearer these special jewels, what are these special jewels? They're called "Time Stones". What are Time Stones? They are are special jewels that alter time and when they do, it changes everything around them! The places there are completly ignored by time! Teehee..I'm luckie I can tell how old I am since I have this special ability! Little Planet appears over Never Lake on the last month for 30 days of every year. Aren't I smart? :B; When I was born she had brown eyes, pink fur and quills. And my muzzle, inside of my ears and arms were belge! A kind of a light tan ^_^ As I got older my quills got a longer and started to hang down (Like Sonic's) ^^ And they started to bug me, with that I found this red headband..and I thought "Oh what the heck...maybe I'll look cool!" And guess whut? I did! ^-^ I was wearing a red headband to hold back moi quills and I also had a couple of bangs on front of my face, and I was also wearing a light green shirt, a orange knee length skirt to go with it, then the last thing I wore was a pair of purple sneakers tied with orange laces. Everyone has their own style! And that was mine! ^.^ I was pretty young when I wore it ..I think...about 8 years old. =P
The one day I was just..ya'know..sitting around, minding my own business..I think playing a game of jacks or a lil game. Then I swung my hand back and forth a bit, then poof! A red and yellow coloured mallet appeared in my hand! I was surprised! I didn't know what to do at first..*giggle* I started to play around with it n' stuff..then I had this great idea! I could use this as my very own weapon! So..I carried it wherever I went! Then I found out it contained magic! Wow..I learn stuff everyday ^_^; Heehee..what was this magic? Well..first of all, I found out that everytime I swing it or hit something with it a bunch of pretty hearts would trail around me and follow me! Wowie! But only for a few seconds =P Ya know what the cool thing is? I can only make the magic work! Wha? Where were my parents? Well...I have none, *sigh* -___-; No siblings, no one. I dunno why..I wish I knew who my mommie and daddie wush ;_; Yeap, I wassa orphan!

One fine sunny day..I was playing in a lil field I'd often go ta, I was picking flowers..just doing my daily route. Then all of a sudden I felt a cold metal hand grab my arm and pull me off the ground! I didn't know what it was! I looked up and I gazed at a dark-blue robotic hedgehog who was staring at me, I screamed and yelled for help and kicked at him as hard as I could..but it hurt! I was panicking really bad..I tryed to get my mallet, but I was shaking too much! Then I saw this blueish blur run at a extremely high speed! I couldn't see what it was because it wassa blur. o_o; That blue blur FINALLY stopped and saw that I was in trouble! I noticed who it was...Sonic the Hedgehog! I've heard of him because I heard that he was the hero of the planet Mobius that Little Planet rotated around! Wow! A hero! He beated up that evil robotic hedgehog and later I learned that robot was called "Mecha Sonic" of somesort o.o Yeah, he was a hero! He recused ME! n_n; Finally..I got a really good look at him. ::dreamy sighs:: *-* Waiii...he is soooo kawaii ...those blue eyes..--erm...heheh ^^; I was so happy that I ran to him nearly knocking him over. Teehee..I begged Sonic if I could go with him on his adventures! I also told him that I had no parents and I've been alone all my life. Sonic felt sorry for me! I could tell by the look on his faysh! n_n; And he said yes! Woo boy! I was sooo happy! I jumped in his arms and he carried me to South Island, where he lived. Sonic and this fat-egg shaped evil man met! His name was "Dr. Robotnik." But Sonic called him "Dr. Eggman." I'm guessing cuz he looks like a egg! >D

6 years as passed! Wow! Time does fly fast ^^ And woo boy..A LOT of stuff has changed! Me too! I live in my very *own* apartment in a new city called Station Square! Whee! And I go shopping at the mall! Whenever there's a sale, you'll see me there for sure! ^^; Anyways, I'm apart of the team now. I'm now 15 years old! Yay! I'm a teen, finally! I've grown more mature and I also got a new look! I changed my outfit and hair-style. I've grown a little taller. My eyes turned green! Weird, huh? :P I like my eyes now..they make me look more cute. ^^ I got a quill-cut, now my quills are shoulder length and point downward! Almost like a echidna ^^ Heehee..I wear the same headband! I wear a crimson red sleeve-less dress, with a white trim around the bottom and collar! I still wear the same gloves but with 2 gold bracelets that dangle from my wrists. And last but not least! To complete my attire I wore a pair of red boots that have a white stripe down the middle, with a pair of socks to match my dress! I also learned how to use my mallet properly! I learned to do the Piko Piko Hammer Attack and many others! Some make me dizzy o__@;! I've gained more quickness because of my hard work! Guess what? Not too long ago, I got a new mallet! Another? Yeap! Its metallic and blue and green! I call it the The Long Hammer! Cuz its way longer than my Piko Piko one! It was given to me by Tikal before my incounter with Zero. ^^

Since I have no siblings, I've met many true and good friends! So they're are like family to meeh! ^-^V Hm? What? Oh! About me and Sonic! Well..he does blush around me! And I'm STILL trying ta win his heart! You know we both go very well together, right? Right? I thought so! ^_~ Girls! You better back off! Cuz I saw him first! >\ Nyeh nyeh! Also, my love was grown VERY large for him! will be mine one day!

Now me, Sonikku, Tails and the rest of the gang is still defending Mobius. With me now on the team, the team is stronger and smarter! I can sweet talk my way outta things and give those robots a good whacking or two when one of my friends are in trouble! Dr. Eggman will not take over Mobius as long as WE are around!"

Story is (c) Natashi! Re-wrote 8*15*01