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E-mail me them, but first..

1) Include your name and e-mail address so I can say who the fan fic is by. ^^;
2) Be sure to have a title for your fan fic.
3) This is a Sonic Team fan fic archive. Which means.. NO ARCHIE!! >_< Haven't you noticed that my site is a anti-Sally Acorn/Archie/SU/etc? There is no Knothole. No Sally, Rotor, Bunnie, etc. There are only SEVEN Chaos Emeralds. And ONE Master Emerald. Tikal, Knuckles, and Chaos can behold them. Yes, Shadow is allowed if you make a good reason why he's alive. o_o; hm.
4) No other relationships with Amy! (Knuckles + Amy, Tails + Amy, fan char + Amy ) sorry! Sonic is her one true love! fan chars + relationship with any of the other Sega chars. :/ Andddd no fan chars that are "related" to Sonic and the rest. o.o no no no!
5) PG 13 content only! >/ No hentai or serious cussing! ( Yanno..the "f" word and such. ^^;; )
6) Please no stealing other fics. -_-; I hate when people do people are smart and creative! Think up your own! Don't steal because you "can't think of anything" :/ You'll get inspired and be proud if you try. ^^;

The Accident
By: Yramesor Notfarc

Sonic Hotel
By: FlyHigher14

Love At First Sight
By: Alyssa