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Yatta! :B I'm so cool n' cute that I even get to participate in games! And with Sonic! Hehehe ^__^ Anyways! Here's the list of games I've been in..they all go in order too! ^-^ Now, go out and buy the games! XB

*Sonic CD* - Sega CD.
*Sonic Drift 1* - Sega GameGear.
*Sonic Drift 2* - Sega GameGear.
*Sonic the Fighters* - Arcade/Japan. SegaSaturn.
*Sonic R* - SegaSaturn.

*Sonic Adventure* - Sega Dreamcast.
*Sonic Shuffle* - Sega Dreamcast.
*Shenmue* - Sega Dreamcast. (as a toy!)
*Sonic Adventure 2* - Sega Dreamcast.
*Sonic Advance* - Game Boy Advance.
*Virtual Strike 3* - GameCube. (as a mascot!)