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Copyrights..that © symbol stands for COPYRIGHT! You can't have and say what isn't yours! Grr. o_- ..Well. read 'em. And don't steal anything! >P

Official Content

Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Big the Cat, E-102, Chao
and all other related characters, materials and trademarks are © Sega.
This site has no official affiliation with Sega or any other related companies.
All other site content are © by their respected owners!
Guestbook, Live Chat, Greeting Cards & Mini Poll is © Bravenet
Any other graphics are © to their respective ownerz. ^-^

Fan Content

All furry charries are copyrighted © to their respective owners.
All fan artwork are copyrighted © to the respective artists.
All MIDIs are copyrighted © by the sequencers.

My Content, stuff, everything

CuTe ~N~ CraZy! Is © Natashi
Layout, ideas, and all the kawaii pinkness are © by me!

Profiles of all SA charriez are written and edited by me.
Sonic Adventure charries are © by Sega.
Amy's history wush written by me. Concept by Sega.
Word graphic thingys used as titles are made by me.
Rest of the bannerz were made by me. =P

Sonic Adventure Theme Songs

'Open Your Heart' theme song of Sonic Adventure is © by Jun Senoue & Takahiro Fukada
'It Doesn't Matter' theme song of Sonic is © by Jun Senoue & Takahiro Fukada
'Believe in Myself' theme song of Tails is © by Jun Senoue & Takahiro Fukada
'Unknown from M.E.' theme song of Knuckles is © by Kenichi Tokoi
'My Sweet Passion' theme song of Amy Rose is © by Fumie Kumatani
'Lazy Days ~Livin' in Paradise~' theme song of Big the Cat is © by Fumie Kumatani & Jun Senoue