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Hiyas! and welcome to my Chao Garden! ^^ These Chaos are soooooo adorable! ^^;;; Hehehe...but anyways have fun learning about the kawaii Chao's! ^_^
Everyone just loves those cute and cuddly, adorable creatures! ^^ They are sooooo cute! My can't decid! They are just too cute to choose!! ^_^
Hehehe if anyone has any piccies of any Chao or animations, e-mail me! ^^
And I'll be happy to post the cute Chao up! ^_^ Heres piccies of those cute Chaos!!! ^-^ Oh, I wish I could hug one! ^_~ Hehehe.......^^;;

Image Abagail Ryder!

Estimated Hours Until Death Status

Chao Options

Okies! Wanna learn about Chao's? Well...I've made it so you can! ^^ Teehee..

Basic Chao Facts

Whats A Chao?