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E-mail me some questions and I'd be glad to answer them! Keep in mind I am -not- Amy if you ask me to say hi to Sonic, I can't. O_o;; But, this is basically what I feel Amy would answer to the questions..I -do- roleplay as her, so heh. ^^; And no more than 5 questions per person please!

I will NOT answer downright stupid questions; if it is not posted here, you'll know why.


Why did you change your outfit?
I changed it because I was growing up...I grew out of it! ^^
Plus I love this outfit..I look more kawaii. Maybe Sonic will like me now. *shrug* ^-^

What are those cards? What are they suppose to do?
Those cards I have are called, "Tarot Cards". I read them and they are suppose to predict the future of my home, Little Planet. Funny, hm? o_O

Why do you like Sonic so much?
Cuz he is the coolest, fastest, cutest, loveablest, bluest, and..uh..I can't think of any thing else! ^^! He's anything a girl could ever want! *sighs dreamly*

Questions from people.

Asked by, Molly the Hedgehog

1. How do you keep yer quills down like that? Mine are always sticking up, and I'd like to know what the secret is! o.o;;
Hmm.. well, it depends on the way you have them cut. ^_^ Try hairspray!

2. I kinda noticed that you've grown stronger over the years... did somebody teach ya how to fight, or did ya learn by yerself? =B
Ah! I somewhat taught myself.. and watched others, mostly Sonic..of course. That's how I learned the "homing attack" and grinding [ played on SA2B ]! ^_^

3. What do ya think of Cream the Rabbit? Is she a nice person ta meet? O.o
Yep. ^_^ I think she's very polite; considering she thanked Sonic in Sonic Advance 2.

4. If Sonic said "Ok" to a date, where would ya take him? ;D
Bwaha.. I get these kind of questions alot, hm.. I'd probably take him to the movies, or out to eat! He's a pig when it comes to food. =3;

5. Since ya like cloths (well, presumably) why don't ya dress up more often? Try new outfits and stuff? (I have a feeling that white would suit ya!)
I don't know really..I guess I just like my attire how it is for now. ^_^ Just how Tikal has the same outfit! Maybe in the future I'll change my style..again.. xP

Asked by, Dannii

1. if u could change your song what would it go like?
Ooh..tough one.. I'm not sure yet.. o_o;;

2. if u could be any other colour what would it be?
Hmm.. red like my clothes, or blue like Sonic! :3 Or maybe purple..

Asked by, Tailsy T

1. If Tails had a secret crush on u would u tell him to get lost or accept?
I wouldn't tell him to "get lost"! That's mean.. ;.; But, I wouldn't accept neither.. Sonic is my only one true love. ^_^ And plus, Tails and me are just buddies.

2. Y doesnt Sonic or the rest of them of clothes like u (besides the fact u r a girl)!??
Because they are boys, and I'm a girl. o_o;; It wouldn't be right if I'd walk around with no clothes on. And plus, the boys have fur to cover themselves. n.n

3. How did u end up meeting Knux it never shows u meeting him or Tails!?
Hm, tough question. Well, Knuckles and Tails are usually around Sonic.. and of course I'm around Sonic at the time too.. so ..yeah! ^^; It just happens.. And when Knuckles was looking for the pieces of the Master Emerald he ran into me a couple times!

Asked by, Nicholas

1. Do you think that Sonic likes you as much as you like him??
I sure hope so! Don't you? He -does- get nervous and sometimes blush around me.. ^^;

Asked by, Alyssa

1. What if Sonic, for some reason, found another hedgehog girl that he liked better then you, what would you do??
Ooh.. that's a hard question.. -_- Well, I would be seriously jealous and angry. But also hurt.. but, if Sonic truely loved whoever that person is, and time would help me heal then I will have to move on. I just hope it doesn't happen..

2. Let's say Sonic left you forever, would you follow him or would you just live your life?
They say most people don't follow their first true love. And I'm not one of them.. of course I would follow my Sonikku. ^_^;

Asked by, Wizard@Socal.RR.Com

1. Would u conceder Sonic's shoes to be ether, A: Adorable or B: Stupid?
I wouldn't say "adorable", but I'm not gonna say they are stupid neither! I think his shoes are pretty cool! They also help him to do many tricks, like grinding.

Asked by,

1. how old is amy?
Ah yes, the simple yet confusing question I get. x_x;; They say I'm 8 in Sonic CD, then 12 in SA1.. I'd say I'm 15. ^_^ Count the years if you must! SA came out about .. 1999? 2000? You do the math. :3

Asked by, Mimiichimu

1. Do you still have your Long Hammer? If so, do you ever use it?
Yes! ^_^ That's a very handy weapon I use.. but only in tough battles.. that's why you usually see me with my Piko Piko Hammer. :3 And the red on my Piko Hammer matches my dress. n_n

2. In your next game, Sonic Heroes, your a speed character! How did that come about?
Ahh! And you all thought I would never get faster! XP I've improved my speed.. and ..well.. I don't think Cream or Big can really do the speed since Cream has to do the flying and Big has to do the power, right? ^.~

3. You think Cream is a pretty nice little girl. But what do you think of the other femme around, Rouge?
Ahh.. I'm surprised at this question. ^.^ Hmm.. well. I don't really think much of her, she's very mysterious and sly. And we really never talked.. so.. I can't actually answer it. But, we all know she probably has a crush on a certain red echidna! x3;

Asked by,

1. Did you ever mistake Shadow for Sonic?
Yes.. -_o;; play Sonic Adventure 2/2B to see. :3

Asked by, Kirblink3982

1. How about Shadow.Is he a nice person?
Ah well.. I don't know him that well, but did he help Sonic to defeat the Biolizard..

Asked by, James

1. Are you and Tails close at all? In SA you two hardly ever talk to one another, even after he saved you from the Egg Carrier, and in SA2 he's always leaving you behind.
Ah, yes we are. ^_^ Even though it doesn't seem like it! Yes.. he tends to leave me behind. x_x;

2. Do you still use your Tarot Cards?
Yes, even though you don't see me use them.. they're only for predicting when Little Planet will come around. ^_^

Asked by,

1. If eggman asked you out would you go out with him or would you go out with sonic?
o_O;; .. I'd go out with Sonic of course.

Asked by, Wizard@Socal.RR.Com

1. If you can have a house pet what would it be?
A cat or birdie! ^_^ I did rescue one in SA ..

Asked by, Stephen

1. IF Sonic died will you do the same to join or choose someone else?
Oh my.. I'd never take my own life though. That would be horrible. x_x;; And I wouldn't "choose" someone..

Asked by,

1. Do you think Sonic would like you in your swimsuit (from Sonic X)?
Erm. ^_^;;; I guess so..

Asked by, K.T

1. How come you can just pull your piko-piko hammer out of no where, and it usually changes sizes! Do you have a set of piko-piko hammers? Hah answer that!
>_>;; .. My little secret! Hah.

Asked by,

1. as u say u have met knuckles, do u think u could ever 'like' him like u 'like' sonic, do u think he's good looking?!
Err.. ^^;; I don't think I could ever like Knuckles.. he's much too busy guarding the Master Emerald. And he's okay looking. :o

Asked by,

1. What did shadow mean when he said ''I have to fulfill my promise to maria and you.'' Did he make promise to you?
Because I told him about saving those people and it reminded him of Maria.. I'm not really sure why he said it to me though. ;.;

Asked by, Rainbow

1. Are you into fashion?
Eh, kind of. ^_^ I don't really like to judge what people wear though..

Asked by, Midnight the Echidna

1. When you first fell in love with Sonic,did you meet him or was it when he was on TV all the time?
It was when I first met him. n_n

2. Do you think that somehow you could get me hooked up with my hero Knuckles?
No, sorry.. he's much too busy guarding the Master Emerald.

3. Would you ever like to meet Rouge?I think she's really nice.
Umm.. ^^; Not really.. she's teamed up with Eggman..

Asked by, Annie the Hedgehog

1. What would you say if Sonic asked you out on a date?
I'd say yes of course! :3;

Asked by, Javier

1. What do you think of Shadow the Hedgehog?
I think he's okay, even though he DID save us from that Biolizard and help Sonic save Earth. ^_^

Asked by, J.C

1. What if Sonic did not exist?Then who would you love?
Err.. I'm.. not sure. o_o

2. What is your favorite knid of music?
Music? Umm.. none. I like my own Theme song though.

3. Do you think that Knuckles has a crush on Rouge?
Hehehe.. there's a chance. n_n;

Asked by, Lisa

1. We're you nervous when you spoke to Shadow the Hedgehog on the ARK? because I saw you preeetttyyy nervous around him.
Nervous? Well, scared kind of.. you know he IS Sonic's enemy. x_x;